If You Are Ready to Experience a Life Filled With Joy, Power, Love, and Creative Fulfillment, and PERMANENTLY Break Free From the Chains Of Disconnection, Fear, Anxiety, and Stress, Then This Program Was Designed for YOU.

On The Other Side of Fear and Doubt

Is Everything You Desire.

The Problem:

We have become paralyzed by fear.

This paralysis has caused us to feel stuck, victims of our circumstances and bystanders of our own lives.

And understandably so, right?

A worldwide pandemic, existential threats, massive shifts in environmental and global circumstances, constant electronic attachment, 24-hour fear-driven news cycles, forced disconnection from our friends and family, mounting societal pressures, and so many other distractions, demands, circumstances, and condtions of the modern world have caused us to feel helpless and lose connection to our power Source.

Ultimately we are left feeling like victims of our own lives, seemingly at the mercy of a random world that will do with us as it pleases.

If you are reading this and feel that it is speaking directly about you, I’m here to tell you that you have the power, resources, and ability to create a joyful, connected, and inspired Life, regardless of any circumstances or conditions in your Life.

How Do I Know?

Because I once was where you are now, struggling through my own personal pandemic and lockdown, feeling isolated, lost, and alone, disconnected from my power to create, and not knowing what I could do to change it. 

I have gone through the Dark Night of the Soul, living through some of the most fearful human experiences possible, where within a few short years I:

  • Became a paraplegic
  • Got divorced
  • Had my children move away
  • Watched both my parents die
  • Closed my company
  • Liquidated my assets
  • Was forced to leave my home (twice)
  • Saw everything in my Life dissolve away

Due to my circumstances, I know what it is like to feel paralyzed, stuck, and disconnected.

And because of my circumstances, not in spite of them, I now know what it feels like to break free from fear, connect to my Source, and experience a lovingly fulfilled Life.

I also know that if I can do it, anyone can do it. And that most definitely includes YOU!

Fear is relative, so you do not need to have been through the extent of my circumstances to feel afraid, lost, depressed, or powerless.

But I am here to tell you that regardless of your circumstances, you have the ability to transmute your fear into Love, access the full capacity of your creative power, and experience the Life that you choose.

This program will be your guide from Victimhood to Creatorship and remind you of the Truth of Who. You. Are.

The Solution:

Permanently reconnect with the Source of your knowledge, power and ability to create the Life that you choose.

All of the answers you seek already exist within your own consciousness, so they can never truly be taken away.

Each one of us has a unique set of life experiences, relationships, conditions, and circumstances, but the Source of power is the same for everyone - and is accessible at any time - as long as we know where to look and how to connect to it.

I have been through intense Life training that taught me the tools and resources to transmute fear into fuel and generate a creatively joyful life, and in this program I will share what I have learned with you in a way that will allow you to immediately integrate, embody, and access the same knowledge that already exists inside of you.

For 13 weeks, the Joyful Warrior Code will be your guide in an individual and collective journey to Remember, Reconnect, and Reactivate:

  • Your infinite Source of power to create the Life you want for your Self, regardless of any circumstance or condition

  • Your unique set of skills, talents, quirks, and perspectives that collectively have never before, nor will ever again, be replicated in the Universe

  • Your dreams, desires, visions, and inspiration that call you forward and light you up

  • Your ability to align your heart and mind in full cohesion to create your Life in a way that nourishes all aspects of you and those that you love

  • Your sovereign ability to choose how you experience the world, shifting you from victim to Creator of your Life

The Outcome:

This course is designed to light the spark of your divinity and full potential, permanently awakening and igniting the loving, inspired, Creative Force that you are.

By the end of 90 days, you will experience more: 

  • Connection to your Source of Power
  • Gratitude for your challenges
  • Ability to turn fear into fuel
  • Creativity and honest expression
  • Self-Confidence and assurance
  • Love for your Self and others
  • Joy of living and Life itself
  • Clarity of purpose and decision making
  • Ease in meditation and stillness
  • Passion in relationships and improved teamwork
  • Comfort in your own skin
  • Synchronicity in your everyday life

You will emerge from the Joyful Warrior Code with the Tools, Awareness, and Inspiration to fearlessly create the Life that you choose.


As part of your enrollment in the Joyful Warrior Code, each week you will have access to exclusive content and live interactions with powerful leaders, teachers, and influencers who embody the essence of the Joyful Warrior. These activated and illuminated creators have inspired and influenced millions of people around the world with their teachings and wisdom, and they are here together in one program, available for direct interaction with you, every single week.

Bryant Wood
Bryant Wood

Bryant Wood is an inspirational speaker, master breathwork instructor for Pranashama Shamanic Yoga Institute, and certified NLP practitioner. With his experience as a former model and bodybuilder turned yogi, Bryant leads workshops, private coaching programs and retreats around the world online and in-person, teaching people the importance of body, breath, and mind awareness. He is the Co-Founder of Modern Nirvana; a company that catalyzes transformation in people’s lives, and to inspire them to take control of their spiritual and physical wellbeing.

Shira Lazar
Shira Lazar

Shira Lazar is the Host and Executive Producer of the Emmy nominated live interactive daily show show and 24/7 news hub, "What's Trending". She is also the Host and Creator of the talk show of YouTube, "Partners Project", interviewing the biggest YouTube stars. Named one of Fast Company's 2011 Most Influential Women in Technology and Huffington Post's "Women in Tech to follow on Twitter" , Shira has been the face of the biggest live-streams on the web including, The Oscars and The Grammys among many others. Lazar is a Webby Awards Honoree and IAWTV Winner For Best Web Series Live Host.

Dr. Clint G. Rogers
Dr. Clint G. Rogers

As a skeptic of anything outside the realm of western science, on a trip to the Himalayas he encountered the ancient healing world of Dr. Naram with a disposition ready to discount and minimize whatever he witnessed. That was until western medicine failed his own father, and Clint was left desperately searching for any solution to keep his father alive. Through his TEDx talk which has reached millions, and his best-selling new book, Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer: A Western Skeptic, an Eastern Master, and Life's Greatest Secrets, Clint reveals how it was love for his father that pushed him beyond the barriers of what he thought was logical or possible, into a world in which 'healing miracles' are an everyday experience.

Dr. Eric Pearl & Jillian Fleer
Dr. Eric Pearl & Jillian Fleer

Dr Eric Pearl ran a highly successful chiropractic practice for 12 years when one day his patients began reporting healings as Eric simply held his hands near them. Dr Eric & Jillian, his life partner and Director of Insight & Development, travel the world teaching live events, courses and training programs in what science today calls Reconnective Healing®. His internationally bestselling book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, now in 40 languages, is endorsed by such notables as Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and many more. Eric has appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, CNN and in The New York Times, and has presented at the United Nations and Madison Square Garden.

Jan Broberg
Jan Broberg

Jan Broberg is an Actress, Activist, Public Speaker and currently the Executive Director of the Center for the Arts at Kayenta. She has had a long illustrious acting career on stage, film, television and commercial projects, which is all the more impressive based on how she grew up. The Netflix Documentary, Abducted In Plain Sight, (and book by the same title) tells of the twisted and bizarre story of Jan’s childhood abductions, brainwashing and rape. She is an expert, advocate, activist and public speaker on the subject. Her greatest desire is to inform, inspire healing and ignite a movement that ends child abuse of any kind!

Barry Shore
Barry Shore

Barry Shore, the Ambassador of JOY, is transforming the world through JOY. A successful serial entrepreneur with two multi-million dollar exits and three issued patents, Barry became a quadriplegic overnight in September 2004 from a rare disease. His journey to regain mobility pushed him to "Go MAD" (Make A Difference). He set out to build a platform to teach people to LIVE in JOY daily no matter the situation, and www.BarryShore.com and The JOY of LIVING Institute ™ were born. He also founded the KEEP SMILING Movement, which has distributed over TWO Million KEEP SMILING Cards for free. His radio show/podcast, The JOY of LIVING, is heard worldwide by hundreds of thousands and has over two million downloads.

Allison H. Larsen
Allison H. Larsen

Allison H. Larsen is a renowned Intuition Specialist and author of the book Soul Intuition. In 2012 Allison co-founded Family Foot Reflexology. She traveled throughout the US teaching people about chakras, meridians and reflexology. Allison introduced the art of foot zoning to several states in America after publishing a comprehensive Energy and Reflexology manual. She is a certified Reiki Master. In 2016 Allison launched The Speakers Coalition followed by Speaker House Publishing in 2018 to help Healers, Speakers and Influencers make a greater impact on the world. Today Allison enjoys running virtual and live Legendary Events and Spiritual Adventure Retreats all over the world with her husband Gerald. Together they are the parents of 10 amazing children.

Sam Morris
Sam Morris

Sam Morris is the founder of Zen Warrior Training®, an enlightened leadership and embodied wisdom coaching program. In 1999, Sam endured a spinal cord injury, paralyzing him from the waist down. This incident catalyzed a deep dive into somatic healing arts, depth psychology, wisdom traditions and the innate intelligence of the body. Sam trains his clients in how to master the inner workings of the mind, body and spirit and live from an enlightened state of presence in their businesses and in their personal lives.

Anahata Holly Hallowell
Anahata Holly Hallowell

In the Spring of 2015, Anahata (Holly Hallowell) received a Divine Download which allowed her to remember that the essence of anything is accessible without having to have something physically present. Over the past 5 years, she has channeled the Assisting Frequencies known as the Anahata Codes. With dozens of Certified Anahata Code Practitioners and tens of thousands of students around the Globe, Anahata supports people with Resonance Remembrance. Often called The Law of Attraction of Energy Medicine, Anahata recently published her third book: The Anahata Codes. Her unique self-directed biologically transformative modality has expanded into advancements with uploading Codes to Grid structures and Ley Lines and has the potential to support powerful shifts across the planet.

Sat Devbir Singh
Sat Devbir Singh

Sat Devbir, Dr. of Divinity, is an International Speaker, Yoga & Meditation Teacher Trainer, Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Healer, Spiritual Counselor, and Ordained Minister. He practices and teaches multiple healing modalities, including Reiki, Crystal Therapy, NLP (neuro linguistic programming), Breathwork, Pranic Healing, and more. He believes that we all come to being as Masters of destiny, empowered to create fulfilling life experiences. At an early age, he realized his ability to receive information from the spiritual world and his extrasensory gifts became apparent. From that moment forward, his greatest joy has been to help people realize the innate love, value, and wisdom within themselves.

Anne-Tyler Harshbarger
Anne-Tyler Harshbarger

Ecstatic Living Guide, Anne-Tyler (aka A.T.) enjoyed a 16 year long career as a professional classical and contemporary dancer, performing on stages all over the world. Also an international dj, music and movement has been her lifelong passion. She is an E-RYT 500 yoga and meditation teacher and ecstatic dance facilitator and is devoted to creating a peaceful and harmonious world. Her deep compassion for others and the desire to be of service led her to the creation of Blossom Body Awareness, which offers donation-based weekly yoga, community Sangha, and one-on-one transformational guidance to help you flourish in an embodied and purposeful life.

Andrew Skinner
Andrew Skinner

Andrew Skinner is the Co-Founder of Triumph Foundation, which provides resources, hope and security to people living with paralysis – not just initially when the injury occurs, but as a lifelong support network. Triumph Foundation's mission is to help children, adults, and Veterans with Spinal Cord Injury/Disorder (SCI) to triumph over their disability. Andrew started Triumph Foundation along with his wife Kristen in 2008, 4 years after he suffered his own spinal cord injury in a snowboarding accident that left him as a quadripalegic, paralyzed from the waist down. After years of intense training and marked improvement, Andrew decided to dedicate his life to supporting others who were going through the same devastating experience. 

This Program is for YOU if:

  • You have checked off all the traditional “success metrics” but you still feel unfulfilled

  • You experience anxiety that you are not going to live up to your full potential

  • You feel that there is something more for you, but you don’t know how to access it

  • You suffer from Impostor Syndrome, doubting your own accomplishments and feeling afraid to be exposed as a "fraud"

  • You experience paralysis around making decisions
  • You have a curious mind, a playful Spirit and an open heart 

  • You have difficulty making choices that are aligned with your Highest Good

  • You are called to be a force of impactful service in the world

  • You desire to unleash your creative expression but don’t quite know how 

  • You know you are on the verge of something big - really big - and are looking for that one last piece to click in for full activation

  • You have fear that you can't pinpoint, but you can feel it creeping in and all around you

You want to experience an extraordinary life. Period.

What This Program is NOT:

  • A “how-to” course. The Joyful Warrior is an exploration of the divine power we all embody that allows us, at every moment, to choose how we experience, perceive, interact with, and create our lives, our relationships, the world around us, and our place in it. Everything you are looking for is already inside of you.

  • Spiritual Bypass. We’re not here to invalidate, suppress, or ignore our feelings and emotions - we are here to transmute our feelings and emotions into generative creative power. To do that, we need to honor them, listen to them and feel them, wholly and fully.

  • Self Help. Your Self - your True Self, The “I” when you say “I Am,” doesn’t need any help. What it needs is to be acknowledged, heard, and received with Love. Like the Master Healer Dr. Pankaj Naram said “I didn’t come to heal you, I came to love you. Love will heal you.”

  • Labor Intensive. Time is qualitative, not quantitative. This means that the benefit you receive is based on the quality of the time you spend, not the amount of time you spend. To embody the Joyful Warrior means carrying the work with you in the world, not sitting in front of a computer for 10 hours every week.

  • Like Anything You’ve Experienced Before. Most programs feature an expert who wants to tell you how much they know, and hope you retain some of it. I am here, along with the Illuminary Contributors, to shine a light on the places where everything already exists inside of you, so that you have the opportunity and awareness to access the full capacity of your creative power anytime you want, every day, every moment, for the entirety of your Life.

See what others have to say about Eron's teachings:

"Working with Eron has changed my life! He has been one of the most significant figures to empower me in a way that my mind, body, and spirit could all experience simultaneously. He is amazing at leveraging his ability to connect with you on a spiritual level and bring it down to the physical and mental to create practical sustainable solutions that help you make your dreams a reality. "  

~ Robert R.

"These teachings have given me so much to discuss and brings up motivation for what I am creating next in my life. Thank you so much."

~Tatiana W.

Your teachings must be seen by all! They are everything that should be read, heard, known and lived daily.

~ Marquise S.

"Thank you for this medicine. I am loving this work and the deepening of my integration of the wisdom within it. Thank you brother."

~ Rocco M.

"I’ve really been enjoying these. They uncannily correlate to what I have happening in my life, and each day it sounds as if the direction is specific to what I am working through." 

~ Kristin D.  

"I've uncovered many layers of myself through these words and exercises. Eron's message is worthwhile and I believe it resonates with anyone who is willing to listen."

~ Don V.

Thank you very much for all you do to bring these teachings into life. Your gift of insight and ability to gently offer wisdom are truly a gift much appreciated. Again, sincerely, Thank you.

Beth E.

"You continue to put exact words to all the swirling thoughts and emotions we need to thrive as human beings."

~ David G.

Thank you for sharing your thoughtful and compassionate insights. It affords wisdom, a path towards greater awareness, and a life lived in alignment.

~Diederik J.

The Joyful Warrior Code course begins January 23, 2021.

Meet Your Guide

Hi, my name is Eron Zehavi. Some things I’ve done include: co-founding a bootstrapped start-up and seeing it through a $60 Million Series A; co-founding a social engagement movement that reached millions of people in support of the global refugee crisis; surviving a 40-foot freefall in the middle of the desert; navigating through the shift of experiencing life as a paraplegic; parenting my two favorite humans in the whole Universe; traversing through the depths of my consciousness and multidimensional Self; and spending countless hours studying, contemplating, questioning, appreciating, and writing about the profound, magical, heart-breaking, heart-mending, heart-opening, Soul-expanding, and wonderfully absurd experience that we call Life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When does the course start and finish?

The program begins on Saturday January 16th, and runs for 13 weeks through April 24th. It is broken into 13 weekly modules, and you can go at your own pace through each module to fit in with your schedule.

How much time is required for me to spend each week?

This program was intentionally designed to fit in those who have full schedules and active lives. Short form content blocks allow you to spend as little as 10 minutes each day, but we recommended about 20-30 minutes each day for integration and activities. Additionally there is a 60-90 minute community call each week, as well as a private Facebook group that is always available to connect with other Joyful Warriors and share your experience.

How long do I have to access the program material?

All of the material is available for 6 months of unlimited access upon completion of the program.

Do I need to have any prior knowledge or training to understand the material?

If you have a curious mind, an open heart, and a desire to live the Life that you choose, then you have everything you need to take this course

What if I sign up and then change my mind?

This program was created in service to the beneficial growth and evolution of humanity, which includes you! If you go through the first week of the program and it doesn’t feel aligned for you to continue, then we will issue a no-hassle, 100% full refund.

When are the weekly community calls?

The day and time of the weekly calls will be determined after enrollment begins, and they will all be recorded and immediately available if you cannot participate live.

I have more questions, who can I contact?

Send us an email to [email protected] and one of us on the team will get back to you shortly.

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